Three Poems: Scott Thomas Outlar

Open-Eyed Mindfulness

Peace is not attained
by always getting
what is wanted
with ease,
but by working
with exactly
what life presents us
in each new circumstance
to navigate the terrain
of any challenges
that may arise.

Remove desires
and remain harmonious
as the shifting pendulum
between order and chaos
flows and fluxes
moment by moment
throughout the days.

Breathe deeply
and know truly
that there are variables
beyond our control
that will create conflict
at certain points,
and so we must
remain focused
on the direct processes
we are able to influence
so that balance is maintained.

Choose love
as the guiding force
and let angst dissipate
back into the void
of dark space.

Choose light
to lead the way
and allow shadows
to find healthy rhythm
with the sun.


Eye to Eye

I have searched for Truth
and found it lacking
in this wicked world
full of falsehoods
as liars
lead their brethren
toward the edge of despair.

I have searched for Peace
amongst the many tribes
across all lands
where nature remains pure
even as manufactured wars
are brought to a crescendo
of madness and chaotic turbulence.

I have searched for Empathy
with empty palms
while sand drains
through the clenched fists
of would-be conquerors
who use faked compassion
as a means to distort consciousness.

I have searched for Love
and finally learned the lesson
that such an emotion
must first be discovered within one’s own soul
before it can ever be
realized in the eyes of another
who values their self on the same level.


Cotton Candy Fever Rush

Across my spine is a shiver shake
electric in its natural rhythm
from the boil in the gene swarm
to the lava licking atoms’ lust
all I ever wanted was a true love
back before I was a tadpole
turning tricks in the primal soup
catching waves when the moon cries
cotton candy blistered sugar lips
razor thin with the sweetest shave
cutting years off my lifeline
fuck the clock with a deep push

In my mind is a pile of gold
silver shimmer in the syrup heat
when the sheets wrinkle through the night
wake up sweating with a fever rush
hold me close when I crave the truth
shadow dancing with the heart’s pulse
organs singing in the shower loud
twist the echo toward a new realm
screaming lullabies on the mountaintop
when the lion starts to really roar
need my fox here to guide the vision
cast out the cards and close three eyes


Author Bio: Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site where links to his publications can be found. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Scott was a recipient of the 2017 Setu Magazine Award for Excellence in the field of literature. His words have been translated into Albanian, Afrikaans, Persian, Serbian, French, and Italian.



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